How to Choose a Los Angeles Outpatient Rehab

Addiction Recovery is a Process – Not an Event…

People usually seek a Los Angeles outpatient rehab as a result of substance abuse or chemical dependency problems.

The challenge in choosing the right Los Angeles outpatient drug rehab is rooted in the reality that addiction is usually the result of unresolved underlying psychological issues.

This means that a critical ingredient in successful outpatient rehab is for the program to be capable of treating the core problems.

Insurance and Outpatient Rehabilitation

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Getting Started

To understand what enrollment in a Los Angeles outpatient drug rehab program is all about, you should first visit outpatient services. Here you will learn more about the individual clinical services offered in the most effective Los Angeles outpatient treatment settings.

Learning More

The primary difference between Los Angeles outpatient rehab programs is their convergent treatment philosophies.

Types of Outpatient Rehab Approaches

Some outpatient treatment settings are more effective

There are two types of outpatient treatment services offered in Los Angeles.

  1. Behavior Modification Outpatient
  2. Clinical Outpatient Treatment

Behavior Modification Outpatient

This type of outpatient program is structured on the construct of a 12-step philosophy. This means that the substance abuse and addiction behaviors areviewed as a persons primary problem. Behavior modification outpatient treatment primarily utilizes group therapy to treat substance abuse and chemical dependency. This type of program focuses more on the symptoms of addiction, rather than the root causes of addiction and substance abuse.

Clinical Outpatient  Treatment

This type of outpatient rehabilitation is clinically-based. This means that each individuals addictive behaviors are viewed as a symptom of underlying psychological issues. This approach to outpatient treatment relies mainly on individual therapyfor psychological assessment and treatment of the underlying psychological issues. In clinical outpatient settings, these issues are viewed as the actual reasons people engage in addictive behaviors in the first place. Clinical outpatient treatment utilizes a combination of both individual therapy and group therapy during treatment. This is considered a more comprehensive approach to providing effective outpatient drug rehab services. Clinical outpatient is also viewed as being a better way to treat addiction and substance abuse when dual-diagnosis issues are present in the person seeking outpatient treatment services.

Call to Speak with a Certified Outpatient Counselor

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If you would like to learn more about effective Los Angeles outpatient rehab programs, call 1 877 576 4673 now. Credentialed staff will be happy to help you gather information about how enrollment in an outpatient program might be the appropriate next step to take.


Tips to Locate Outpatient Rehabs in Los Angeles

The best Los Angeles outpatient program offers treatment protocols based on federally-funded research which show success rates at twice the national average…

Getting Started

Addiction is not easy to overcome alone. This is where enrollment in an outpatient care setting can mean the difference between failure and success. Although there are numerous programs that offer nonresidential treatment in the greater Los Angeles area – there are very few that rival the effectiveness of the highest rated outpatient treatment center in Los Angeles county. To learn more call 1 877 267 4673 now.

Why is the program so effective?

Outpatient treatment that is focused on the underlying issues that are contributing to problems with chemicals. Where most rehabs only attend to the issues at the surface, the best outpatient rehab setting applies a co-occurring disorders treatment philosophy. The deeper examination of why people drink and use drugs to excess allows participants to better understand how to stop – and stay stopped…

Use Insurance to Pay for Rehab & Treatment

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